APUSH Period 8

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Period 8 Overview

Get a broad overview of the key things to know for Period 8.

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Truman Doctrine


Truman Doctrine for APUSH

How do you face a world with two superpowers armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons? Truman had to make that decision. Find out what he did in this article.

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Highway Act of 1956

Highway Act of 1956 for APUSH

How do you connect a nation dedicated to automobiles? Eisenhower figured it out.

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Levittown for APUSH

Solving the housing conundrum in the 1950s required out of the box thinking. Now? We just see the solution as common.

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Stagflation for APUSH

You probably don’t know what it is, but Stagflation robbed the 1970s economy in ways never before seen.

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The Tet Offensive

Tet Offensive APUSH

How did the U.S. “lose” the Vietnam war, even though we dominated the battles? The same way the British lost the Revolutionary War…

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The Yalta Conference

Dividing up the world can be tricky business… Read how our FDR, Winston, and Stalin carved up the world…

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