APUSH Period 7

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Period 7 Overview

Get a broad overview of the key things to know for Period 7.

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The Square Deal

The Square Deal ushered in a new wave of government. Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal tried to mend the economic inequality and unrest of the Robber Barons. How did he do it? Read the article to find out.

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Platt Amendment

Platt Amendment for APUSH

How do you start a war and not look like a land hungry imperialist nation? You pass an amendment… Find out more.


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Roosevelt Corollary


Roosevelt Corollary for APUSH

The Monroe Doctrine warned against European intervention in the Americas. The Roosevelt Corollary encouraged active U.S. intervention in both continents. How does that go together? Find out in the article.


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Spanish American War

Spanish American War for APUSH

How and why did America declare war on Spain? Its a complicated issue that was pressed on the country. Find out more.

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William Jennings Bryan


William Jennings Bryan APUSH

Who was the most successful second-place finisher of the 20th century? William Jennings Bryan.

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Yellow Journalism

Yellow Journalism for APUSH

Sensational headlines. Loose facts. Making news just to sell it. Sound familiar? Its not 2018, its 1890.

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The Palmer Raids

If it happened today… you wouldn’t believe it.

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Dollar Diplomacy

Using the Big Stick of the Almighty Dollar

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The Great Migration

The migration of African-Americans in the 20th century changed America.

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The Harlem Renaissance

A Renaissance in the North- Remarkable!

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Tea Pot Dome Scandal

The Tea Pot Dome Scandal was one of the most extreme examples of government corruption in United States history.

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