APUSH Period 2

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Period 2 Overview


Get a broad overview of the key things to know for Period 2.

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Topic-Specific Help


Mercantilism for APUSH

Warren Hierl dissects how the economic concept of mercantilism manipulated international trade between European countries and colonies.

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Trade and Navigation Acts

Trade and Navigation Acts for APUSH

What is the Trade and Navigation Acts and why is it important to US History? You have to find out.

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Salutary Neglect

How does giving the colonist what they want lead to rebellion? Find out with Salutary Neglect.

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Bacon’s Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion APUSH

How did Bacon’s Rebellion foreshadow the American Revolution and alter the country towards a Civil War?

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Roger Williams

Roger Williams for APUSH

What was Roger’s Williams biggest contribution to the United States? Read to find out.

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Pequot War

Pequot War for APUSH

The Pequot War pushed the Dutch out and ushered in English dominance? But how did that happen. Find out here.

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